Jim Thompson, "JT", President

Jim has over 30 years of scallop experience and and founded JT SEA PRODUCTS, in 1987.  "Our business plan has remained the same from day one. The cheapness of low price never equals the bitterness of poor quality.  Our vision will always focus on quality first and the price point will take care of itself.  We keep it simple, produce a good and consistant scallop with excellent service and the result will always prove positive."


Our Business

JT SEA Products, has built it's reputation on quality and service. The processing facility employs 30 full time workers with years of scallop experience.  Our sales team has well over 100 years of knowledge and experience and will guide you in the direction your scallop plan.  Fresh gallons, fish, and fillet are processed daily and shipped from our plant to major cities throughout America.  Air freight is delivered everyday to Boston's Logan International Airport. IQF and Block Frozen Scallops are available daily as well.

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